If an Arizona resident wants to determine what will be done with their belongings when they die; they must have a valid will or have their assets placed in a trust or some other legal entity. If they fail to do this, their estate and belongings will be disposed of in a probate court according to the laws of the State of Arizona. Probate, without a will, is  costly and is a slow laborious process. In this situation, every action has to be preapproved by the probate judge. 

If an Arizona resident has a valid will, then he or she can specify who is to receive their assets and when. Another advantage of having a legal will is the cost of probate will be less and there will be fewer time delays. 

It is particularly important that you have a will or some other estate planning documents in place, if you own land in Arizona. If you don’t have proper estate planning documents in place at the time of your passing, then the ownership of the land is in limbo. Your family or loved ones will not be able to own the land or property without first going through expensive and time consuming and unnecessary delays in probate court. It is imperative that you consult a knowledgeable estate planning attorney, such as Wayne Gardner, so he can help you plan your affairs properly.  

Probate in Arizona can be completely eliminated through proper estate planning strategies. Another important facet of good estate planning is the development of a sound asset protection plan.  For more information contact Wayne Gardner, an asset protection and a Mesa estate planning attorney.

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