Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Establishing a limited liability company, or LLC, is just one of several ways to structure a business. Wayne Gardner is an experienced and knowledgeable attorney and he is an experienced businessman who understands, firsthand, which business structure is best for you. An LLC may be advantageous and appropriate for your business. He can help you choose the correct management structure for member-managed or manager-managed LLCs.

Our LLC operating agreements run the gamut from simple to complex — whatever is necessary to provide for buy-sell provisions, management authority, tax allocations, exit strategy, sale and transfers.

There may come a time when an LLC is no longer the proper structure for your growing company. Wayne can assist you in converting your business to a limited partnership or a corporation, as appropriate. We also can help you with dissolution or sale of the LLC — when the time is right.

Wayne has personal experience in LLC membership and management and our law offices take great pride in providing the best counsel available to our clients in forming or investing in LLCs. Wayne will explain in easy-to-understand terms the pros and cons of selecting an LLC, an S or C corporation, a family-limited partnership or a limited liability-limited partnership or a general partnership.

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