For many people, the term “estate planning” conjers up images of wealth. But quite frankly, everyone — no matter their wealth level — should have an estate plan in place. An estate plan, essentially, ensures that all of your assets will be protected during your lifetime — even in the event of mental and/or physical incapacitation — and that there will be a smooth transition and distribution of your assets in accordance with your wishes upon your death.  The idea that an estate plan is only for the super rich, is a myth.

Asset protection should be a major part of estate planning for both the high net worth individual and for the every day person as well.

An estate plan should protect your assets from unnecessary taxation, provide for asset proctection, for a power of attorney, and medical directives. It should provide for the distribution of your assets as you want them distributed. 

Wayne Gardner is an expert in estate planning with more than 25 years of experience helping individuals develop an estate plan that is best for them. If you have children, own a home or don’t have all of your future affairs in order, give our Mesa estate planning attorney a call for a confidential and free initial consultation today at 480-433-8524.

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