All laws dealing with senior citizens and the elderly are grouped under the term “elder law.” This includes medicaid, guardianship, estate planning, social security and retirement planning. There are some provisions of elder law that are universal to every state and others that are determined by each state. Arizona has multiple state laws and, therefore, has a more complicated process than most other states, due to the fact that Arizona has a high population of “winter visitors,” or residents who call other states home, as well.

Wayne Gardner understands elder law with all of its intricacies. Elder law is an area that takes years of experience because there are so many exceptions and exclusions and specific provisions for each scenario.

Do you have an aging parent whom you feel needs counsel? Are you looking to protect your own future? Whatever your personal situation, if it involves estate planning or retirement or other elder law issues, give Wayne Gardner a call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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