Q: Why should I spend money on an attorney when I can print legal forms online cheaply?
A: Anyone is welcome to be an industrious DIY’er. This question can be asked for many subjects, including why should I get a landscaper when I can care for my own garden, or why eat out when I can cook, and so on. There are many reasons individuals pay for professional services, and the truth is you get what you pay for. If you are comfortable printing forms off and handling various legal matters yourself, then that’s fine. The pitfalls are what you don’t know and are not aware of, can often come up and bite you later on. An experienced veteran attorney will know what the things are you have to look out for, and will make sure your contracts are drawn up correctly, your best interests are looked out for and so forth. Additionally, when the matter is more complex, you may be in a situation where you just can’t do it yourself, but truly need an attorney.

Q: How much will my legal services cost?
A: There is no hard and fast rule on the cost for your legal services. What we do know is that your legal services will be handled as cost effectively and professionally as possible, and that money spent doing things properly in the first place is often tens of thousands of dollars (if not more) saved. An example of this is spending a few hundred or a thousand dollars in legal fees to properly establish a partnership agreement in the formation of a business. That small amount of money spent (even if it doesn’t seem small to you then) can save you a fortune years later in the event of a dispute. Without the proper contracts in place, litigation can become a necessity which can be very costly. There are countless examples like this that we have seen over the years in business.

Q: In what cases is an estate tied up in probate?
A: In the event that the deceased had no will or there are arguments as to the validity of the will, an estate can become tied up in probate. Generally speaking, the probate process only takes a few months or can even take up to a year. In more difficult cases, probate can take years. Generally good estate planning, done with a competent attorney can avoid long drawn out probate issues.

Q: How do I end a partnership in business?
A: When you enter into a partnership, you should have a buy/sell agreement in place as well as a partnership agreement, and documentation would include things like valuation of the company, split of shares in the company, what each partner is responsible for in the company, what decision making power each partner has both separately and jointly and also what processes will be for the event of any disputes. If all of those things were in place, you would probably not have this question however. So if you’re in the situation of having been in business for a number of years, and find you need to separate from your business partner for any reason, many factors will need to be considered, not the least of which will be what kind of documentation exists for your partnership in the first place. If none, it can be a matter of a mediation or perhaps legal intervention with attorneys on both sides. In many cases, disputes can be resolved with a good attorney helping both partners work out a mutually satisfactory solution.

Q: What legal protection does a landlord have from tenants doing damage to property?
A: Per the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, if there is noncompliance by the tenant with their rental agreement, the landlord can deliver a written notice to the tenant specifying what the acts and omissions are that constitute the breach of contract and that the rental agreement is going to be terminated in ten days if this breach is not rectified in this time. At that point, the tenant can be evicted, which can be done with the help of a legal letter notifying them to that effect.

Q: How long does the typical closing process take in buying a home?
A: The closing process can take from as fast as a few weeks, or as long as a few months. The variables to the speed of the closing process are things like title issues or liens on the property or questions on the mortgage approval or issues on the home inspection.

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