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One solution for high unemployment that appeals to many people is entrepreneurship. Starting a business is dream that is widely held by many Americans, and becoming unemployed may encourage people to venture onto the path of small business ownership. One factor that discourages many from this course is the necessity of dealing with red tape. Arizona business law is a complex area that governs all aspects of running an enterprise including untangling that red tape, which is a necessity for responsibly operating a business. As complex and intimidating as it may be, no businessperson can afford to ignore business law. It covers areas as diverse as taxes and employment, and failing to properly ensure that a business is in full observance of the law is to run the risk of financial failure or worse. The easy way to ensure that a business in Arizona is covered is to seek out an Arizona business attorney.

Employment Issues

Employment law is one of those areas that can cause big problems for a business. It is the area of law that deals with discrimination on the job. This includes discrimination on the basis of race, gender or religion. Employment law also covers other diverse areas including everything from wage disputes to bankruptcy. These are all complex areas of law for those living in Arizona, and will require a skilled and competent Mesa Arizona business attorney, not only to deal with the problems after they arise, but to assist the businessperson to keep them from showing up in the first place. The field of commercial law could be considered to be mainly proactive.

Legal Business Entities

An Arizona business lawyer can also help a businessperson to handle the initial stages of starting a business, like setting up a legal entity, which can be a complex and confusing process. The attorney will advise on the issues and benefits that come with the different types of legal entities in Arizona, including tax benefits and liabilities. Their advice will help the businessperson to evaluate their options. Failure to properly consider these matters can cause serious legal and financial problems further down the road.


Few areas of business are able to cause more trouble for a new business owner than the failure to pay taxes. What makes it worse is that American tax law, generally speaking, is known for being intricate and difficult to understand. An expert in Arizona business law can assist an entrepreneur to manage their taxes in such a way as to prevent legal consequences. Should legal issues arise in relation to taxes, a lawyer who is knowledgeable about Arizona business law will be able to help solve them.

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